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Best IT solutions provided by creative minds

We are a team of curious minds aiming to make your thinking come to life. Brand contact is crucial to communication. The foundation of effective communication is real innovation and a satisfying consumer experience.
HT GROUP has experience in a varity of fields, including website design and development.

Client Satisfaction
Honesty and Hubmleness
Result Oriented
Consumer Confidentiality
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Our Services

Custom IT Solutions for Your Successful Business

WebApp Reality

We create completely functional, resonsive websites and web applications that are very user-friendly and also software that is highly scalable, safe, and tiered. Also we work on mobile applications development.

Designer's Choice

For clients worldwide, we specialize in providing affordable & high-quality web design, UI, and UX design services, product design and many more.

Cabling Services

HTGroup is a leading provider of Cabling Services, offering cutting-edge solutions for seamless connectivity.

Configuration Services

HTGroup is a trusted industry leader in Configuration Services, providing comprehensive solutions to streamline and optimize IT systems.

Architectural Hub

We are well known for our Architectural Hub, which focuses on creating technologically and environmentally cutting-edge public buildings and spaces.

Writing & Translation

Writing a company proposal, a resume, and other types of writing are among our specialties.

BPO & Social Media Manage

By enabling a business at the most competitive pricing, our procurement outsourcing services can greatly boost financial outcomes. Also, we can assist you with maintaining your social media profiles.


BUnlock your business's potential with our logistics solutions. We provide the expertise, resources and technology to help you move your business forward.

Product Sourcing

Making product sourcing simple and hassle-free. We make it easy to find the best products at the best prices with our expert knowledge of global markets!

GIS Mapping

Unlocking the power of geospatial intelligence. Our team of GIS professionals helps you make better decisions with visually appealing and accurate maps.

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We Are Here to Grow Your Business Exponentially

Honesty and Hubmleness

Honesty and humbleness are two of the most important qualities in any professional relationship.

Client Satisfaction

We understand that your satisfaction is the most important thing to you, and we work hard to make sure it's always our top priority.

Result Oriented

The result-oriented approach is to focus on achieving the results you want, rather than on the means.

Consumer Confidentiality

The company's policies and procedures are designed to provide a confidential and secure environment for all employees, customers, vendors, and suppliers.

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